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Meet Acessa Health: Making Women’s Health Healthy

Amber Berman | May 26, 2020

Re-introducing Acessa Health – We are more than our (new) good looks

Hi, we are Acessa, and we would like to reintroduce ourselves.

Here are the basics:

  1. We are on a mission to change the standard of care for uterine fibroids
  2. Our vision is a world where women have the options they deserve
  3. We are a women-led women’s health company

We offer a minimally invasive alternative to hysterectomy and myomectomy for treating uterine fibroids, the Acessa procedure, because women deserve to have access to all their options. Kim Rodriguez, CEO, co-founded Acessa Health in 2017 and built one of the only women’s health medical device companies led by a woman. Not only are we led by a woman at the top, women also make up 50% of the executive leadership.

Back to the reintroduction — If you have been following us for a while, you likely noticed a few (MAJOR) aesthetic changes on our website and social media channels. With gorgeous photos of women, a refreshed logo and an engaging color scheme, we are proud of the new look and feel. Like most, we love an opportunity to freshen up our looks, but, here is the thing, this brand refresh is not just about our looks.

It is about building a community.

The Why: Building Community

Women dealing with fibroid symptoms are suffering in silence. A survey found that it took on average 3.6 years for women to seek treatment for their fibroid symptoms.(1)

Acessa recognizes fibroids are personal. We are women. We get it. We are taught at a young age to hide our period products. It is no wonder that women feel ashamed or embarrassed about the symptoms associated with fibroids.

Between carrying “arsenal bags” with massive pads that may as well be adult diapers, to fearing white couches, to dealing with the disappointing question “how far along are you?” by strangers, when the belly bump they thought was a pregnancy is actually the result of fibroids – it can be lonely and stressful to deal with this unwanted symptoms.

But 3.6 years(1) is an awful long amount of time to be suffering alone. We listened to our fellow women to learn what could help speed up the journey from suffering to relief.

One answer rung true throughout: Community.

Community means: sharing stories, speaking up, listening, learning and gathering together. With community, it is easier to talk about heavy periods, looking pregnant when we’re not pregnant, fibroids, uteruses, vaginas and our health.

Getting To Work

We began the brand refresh process mid 2019, after launching the latest version of the Acessa technology, Acessa ProVu in late 2018. After a monumental listening and research effort, we landed on the core message of the campaign – Making Women’s Health Healthy.

Acessa Health Headquarters, Austin, TX

In addition to the core message, we evaluated color pallets, fonts, and all things ‘brand’. We leveraged consumer research platforms to evaluate every detail of the brand evolution. If we were going to spend the time changing our look, we wanted to do it with everyone in mind!

With a new color pallet and refreshed blue logo, we began on the biggest step yet: building a brand-new website. The website needed to break the mold of medical device marketing. It needed to spark frank conversations and provide medical content in a easy-to-understand format. And most importantly, it needed to build community.

To integrate community with a brand refresh, we aimed to create content that spanned three themes:

  1. Testimonial
  2. Education
  3. Inspiration

We wanted to create a safe space where women could see themselves through the content. No stock imagery for us, we needed real stories.

We wanted to provide a educational hub, because the more information we have, the more empowered we are to advocate for ourselves. Thus, the website provides information on all the fibroid treatment options, not just the Acessa procedure.

And finally, we wanted to inspire. Advocating for women to stop suffering in silence takes more than facts and figures, we wanted to be a light for the community.

Keeping It Real

Making Women’s Health Healthy means being real and honest when it comes to women’s health. We knew if keeping it real was important, we couldn’t just talk the talk – we had to walk the walk. In February 2020, we flew 6 women who suffered from fibroids to New York City for a photo and video shoot. No stock imagery for us!

The weekend surpassed everyone’s expectations. During the professional photoshoot with an AMAZING photographer, Anna Wolf, the women strutted their stuff and showed the world the real faces of fibroids. Together, we celebrated everyone’s journey with fibroids. 

The women you see on the website, Rhonda, Chanel, Brandi, Patrice, Sharon, & Andrea, all suffered with symptomatic fibroids and, with their physician, chose the Acessa procedure as their treatment option. See those dates under their pictures on the website? They’re real. Hear their testimonials and stories? Yep, they’re real too. No scripts here.

Making Women’s Health Healthy

Wow. It was such a powerful thing to see these women connect over their shared experiences. They flew out from all over the country, and had never met before, but it felt like a group of old girlfriends.

The Acessa team sought out to do something different for medical device marketing. But in this magical weekend, with 6 women from different geographies, backgrounds and ages building friendships rooted in a foundation of shared experience with fibroids, we saw something more than marketing – we saw the power of community.

The weekend served as a powerful reminder that women all over the country suffer in silence while fighting their fibroid symptoms. The power of community can create bonds between us that builds strength and hope.

Acessa Health is a women’s health company where you can access information, learn what questions to ask, and gain the peace of mind that you have options – and most importantly, find community. You are not alone.

Making Women’s Health Healthy.

Disclaimers and Sources:

  1. Borah, Bijan J. et al. The impact of uterine leiomyomas: a national survey of affected women, American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology October 2013, Volume 209, Issue 4, 319.e1 - 319.e20

 Acessa Health encourages patients to seek medical attention for typical and atypical symptoms associated with fibroids to help achieve and maintain good health with as high a quality of life as possible. Although many patients may benefit from the Acessa Procedure, this treatment is not for everyone and results may vary. You should talk to your doctor about the potential benefits and risks and whether this treatment is right for you. Information contained on this site is not to be used as a substitute for talking to your doctor. You should always talk to your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.

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