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  • 2. Make that appointment

    Call their office to schedule a consult.

  • 3. Get the facts

    Go to the consult and discuss all your treatment options. What’s best for you may or may not be Acessa.

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Our Physician Finder includes only U.S. physicians who have been trained on, and actively use, Acessa products and perform the Acessa procedure. This database may not include all providers familiar with the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids with the Acessa procedure and not all information listed may be complete. Physicians are listed based on their proximity to your location. Physicians neither pay nor receive any fees in connection with their listing on this site. Listed physicians are those who have requested to be added, participated in clinical trial, submitted a survey, etc. Any list generated is not a recommendation or endorsement of, or referral to, any of the listed physicians by Acessa Health. Acessa Health does not verify or monitor the qualifications of any physician listed in this database. When choosing a physician, we encourage you to complete your own research.

Insurance Support

Insurance is complicated, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.


Many insurance companies cover the procedure.

Prior Authorization

Most insurance companies require that you or your doctor requests “prior authorization” before they cover Acessa.

In the request, the doctor describes the nature of the patient’s condition and why it is necessary to perform the Acessa procedure. The insurance company reviews the request and makes a determination regarding insurance coverage under the patient’s insurance plan. This determination is either an “approval” of the prior authorization or a “denial,” which means the insurance company explicitly is not committing to paying for the procedure being requested.

Good news: if you get a denial, there is typically an option to appeal it. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Insurance Appeals

If you are facing an appeal with your insurance denials while struggling with fibroid symptoms, the experience can be overwhelming. Acessa has a team of insurance specialists who are here to help. The physician offices have successfully helped dozens of patients overturn denials. Although we cannot guarantee approvals or coverage, physician offices are here to support you in the process.

If you are a patient who is concerned about your insurance covering Acessa, have experienced an insurance denial or have been denied access to the Acessa procedure through your commercial or Medicaid plan.


Acessa trained physicians can help you determine whether the Acessa procedure is covered by your insurance and provide guidance on your next steps.

Find A Physician

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Fibroids

  • These are my symptoms...could these be due to fibroids?

  • Would an MRI or ultrasound help better see if I have fibroids?

  • What are all possible treatment options available? What about laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation, or Acessa?

  • What’s the best treatment option for me?

  • Do you offer laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation, the Acessa procedure?

  • Ask your physician questions specific to your planned treatment:

    • What is the success rate of this procedure?
    • What are the risks of this procedure?
    • What is the recovery time for this procedure?
    • How many times have you performed this procedure?
    • How long have you been performing this procedure?
    • How long do you expect it to take for me to start feeling relief from my symptoms?
    • Is there a chance of fibroids growing back or new fibroids forming?

It is important you feel very comfortable with not only the treatment option you decide on, but also the physician who will be performing it. Your physician should make you feel heard, understood, and supported. If you don’t feel 100% confident after a consultation with a physician, it's okay to seek a second opinion. This is your body, your choice.

More Questions?

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